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High achieving Australian University students are coming to Malaysia! Make sure you are registered to host on in your company!

The Global student works with companies, supporting them as they accommodate Australian University students. We source the students, assist with interviews, and provide emergency and pastoral care while they are in Malaysia.

There is nothing else for you to do except include the student in your firm, delegate work and treat them as an employee of the business!

Why would I want to host an Intern?

  • >> Short term employee for a specialist project
  • >> Talent Acquisition
  • >> No Financial cost to your company
  • >> Internationalisation of your workplace

We aim to ensure that the experience is beneficial, for both the student AND the host company. It helps us to ensure that the students leave with a better understanding of their industry and the company has achieved workplace outcomes!

Internships are not only a valuable experience for the student, they are a valuable experience for the host company. Students who come to Malaysia to complete Internships are usually in the top of their class and are the next generation of game changers! They arrive fully self-funded and are looking for a life changing experience to make their CV stand out in a crowded marketplace!

Contact us for more information on how you too, can host an Australian Intern at your company.

These information packs are available:

  • FAQ’s
  • Information booklet

Contact our internship coordinator, Natasha Brand to register as a host. We will make a time to meet with you in your workplace.

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