Internships in Malaysia

Malaysia makes the perfect internship destination – it’s close, English is widely spoken and the cost of living makes it really affordable. It’s also Australia’s third largest ASEAN trading partner so it’s the perfect destination to begin your journey into the Asian Century!

The capital city Kuala Lumpur (KL) is also the base for The Global Student (TGS), because it provides a safe and friendly environment to engage with this multi-racial, multi-religious and ethnically diverse population. A political democracy, Malaysia is economically stable with good infrastructure and a standard of living not far short of developed nations. KL is an amazing cultural melting pot and internship hosts will leave you understanding why Malaysia is famous for its hospitality!

Through our extensive networks and engagement with professional organisations, TGS has an ever growing database of exciting opportunities for students to gain real-life work experience in an inter-cultural setting. It’s the perfect way to gain an international perspective of a discipline or field of study, while experiencing personal growth through negotiating not only a new work culture, but a whole different way of living.

Student enquiries

For individual student applications, TGS partners with two reputable internship providers in Australia. CIS and International Internships take care of your application and administrative requirements before TGS takes over to welcome you to Malaysia. To find out more about our partners and their services click the links below.


Group enquiries

For university staff (Faculty, Career centres or Internship coordinators) seeking information, please feel free to contact us at

What They Said

Check out these amazing opportunities!

Can’t see what you want? Don’t let that stop you – we are happy to source new hosts to meet what you need! Contact us at

  • Ri-Yaz Hotels
    Market leader in the Hospitality industry, Ri-Yaz Hotels cater to a range of travellers, from high end luxury to quirky digs. Opportunities for Interns to deliver high standard hospitality or work as part of the dynamic and passionate business office. There really is something for everyone.
  • Prasarana
    Responsible for the mass transit system in KL, Prasarana boasts one of the finest Internship programs in the country. Opportunities range from Engineering to Finance to International Relations and everything in between. Strong focus on professional development and Internationalisation
  • Favelle Favco
    For over 40 years the Favelle Favco Group has been driving crane technology forward and pushing the envelopes of tailor made, high speed heavy lifting. Opportunities exist for budding Engineers to gain experience with a world leader in crane design and production

  • Property Price Tag
    A unique opportunity in a niche start-up for those in the IT and Software Engineering sphere. Data Mining and Analytics for the local Real Estate market including future projects and Property Development

  • G&P
    A leading Engineering company specialising in services relating to water engineering, dam engineering, water resources, water treatment, distribution, hydrology, hydraulics, irrigation, drainage, water quality, flood mitigation, coastal modelling, jetties, port structures, breakwaters and coastal protection structures.

    Specialists in the design and production of hydraulic and filtration systems for the Energy, Oil & Gas and Automotive industry. Engineering opportunities exist in a market leading company with ties to the Australian market.

  • Suaram
    Right at the coalface of the Human Rights movements this NGO works hard for Malaysians defending their right to a fair trial and representation in the court of law. Other works include fighting human trafficking, representing the rights of refugees and migrant workers and asylum seekers in  Malaysia.

  • Fugee School
    Working to educate the growing number of refugee children in Malaysia the Fugee school provides a unique and rewarding opportunity for Interns, and is not limited to Education students. With a broad focus on academia and life skills for refugee students, this could amount to a life changing experience for Interns!

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