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Local and international NGO’s welcome students individually or for group projects that can make a difference to not only the people they serve, but the organisation itself. NGO’s run on limited funds and are always seeking volunteers that bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm, not to mention much needed discipline specific skills.

In the past, volunteers have commonly been from the fields of international relations, law, politics, community development and international studies, or health practitioners, however NGO’s also require business, marketing and communications majors, web developers and information systems students, and teachers.


Want to organise a group volunteer program?

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Want to know more? Contact us! Ready to get started? Apply now!

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What They Said

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Raphaelle Meikle–Stewart

“This was an absolutely amazing opportunity; I cannot speak highly enough of how much I feel I have personally gained from this experience, and how much I wish I could have stayed longer to contribute back further to these amazing people.

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This internship appealed to me as an opportunity to go beyond my comfort zones, and test my skills I’ve gained from university in a real world setting. While I have travelled a little, I was really looking for a placement that would give me great immersion and exposure to a culture …”

Bachelor of International Studies & Law, Deakin University


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Andrew Keeghan

“…. I asked myself what I could do in the following months to make myself stand above the rest of my peers as we approached the business end of our degree.

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As opposed to spending one day a week volunteering at a small suburban firm at home, I decided to cast my eyes further afield and experience something that would push my boundaries. When the opportunity arose to live and work in Kuala Lumpur, I was delighted beyond words. Working and living in a new city and in a new cultural environment was exactly what I needed to take me out of my comfort zone and find my limits. There’s something about the challenge of relocating to a foreign land for a month that is both scary and exciting. But I wouldn’t say for a second that it was something I regret. In the space of just four weeks, I’ve been able to learn so much about the legal profession and so much about myself. I’ve come out the other end more certain of who I was and the sort of work I want to do when I graduate. Being able to bring back to Australia some amazing stories and experiences is something I will greatly enjoy.

Perhaps more than anything, I enjoy the fact that the world has opened up so much to me in the space of a few weeks. And who knows what that means for the future? I all can say for sure is that when the future does come, I’ll be more ready than ever to embrace it head first.

Deakin University


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Stephen Charalambous

“ I learnt a lot of things during my time (at the VGBO), but the main area I believe that will benefit me for the future has been realising the importance of building and maintaining relationships.

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I saw this first hand by observing how the Victorian State Commissioner builds relationships with clients in order to help achieve the desired outcome. I was fortunate to be able to refine my networking skills when I attended the the 2012 Australian Alumni Gala Dinner, where upon I have lined up some possible graduate opportunities when I return to Melbourne.

Deakin University


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Simon Liu

“Work aside, my immersion into Malaysia extended beyond the office, with trips to Penang, Melaka and Johor Bahru wherein I discovered each state’s own unique history and development. The layers of Malay, Chinese and Indian culture,

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have really shown me a older and more heterogeneous multiculturalism to that of a comparatively younger Australia. All of which showed in the business culture, from the multilingual colleagues I shared offices with, to the creative ‘Manglish’ of ‘la’s’ they used in meetings, to the Nyonya laksas and all the festive holidays – it was eye-opening to say the least, that I had experienced a truly multicultural working environment.

Bachelor of Economics/Law, Australian National University (winner of the Malaysia Australia Business Council Internship Competition 2011)


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Kevin Truong

“…I wanted to say a BIG BIG thank you for working so hard in organising and making my experiences in KL one that is memorable and enjoyable.

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I came to Malaysia blind-sighted not knowing anything, other than knowing a few survival phrases. Your advices and places of recommendations to us during the internship made the transition and experience better and smoother.

Thank you so much for the ongoing support you have provided throughout the 8 weeks there. All the day trips, activities, briefings, welcome lunch and farewell dinner – this truly enhanced my experience during my time in Malaysia.”

MABC Internship Program, University of Technology Sydney


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Angela Larkin

“In June/July 2016 I completed an Internship in Malaysia as part of my Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) studies.

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I was given the opportunity to work at Sheffield Plus, a newly formed training branch of Sheffield Executive, an executive recruitment firm based in Malaysia. During my time at Sheffield Plus I worked on a number of projects relating to the training function of the organisation.

During my time abroad I had the chance to interact with a wide variety of people and expand my network. I was able to step outside my comfort zone and adapt to living in a foreign environment. My internship abroad has added a whole new dimension to my degree and opened up a new network of people and opportunities. I look forward to seeing how it will continue to influence my journey for years to come.”

Charles Sturt University


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