Criminal Justice Systems

June 2016 News from The Global Student
June 1, 2016
July 2016 Newsletter from the Global Student
July 1, 2016

Criminal Justice Systems

This two-week program is designed to provide students a comparison and contrast between the Australian and Malaysian Criminal justice systems. The students will Identify and provide analysis of local government bodies, educational institutes and local and international NGO’s.

The emphasis on their industry visits consider a range of topics that include the administration and function of police, corrections, and courts, the impact of customary law and immigration on heterogeneous cultures, and the increasing internationalisation of both the incidence of crime and the administration of criminal justice.

The students visit local universities who provide background to the program, Putrajaya Appeals Court and listen to several industry guest speakers – all experts in their field.

Student’s hear from various NGO’ s including Bersih! Who fight for clean elections and work to expose corruption in Government Ranks

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