June 2017 Newsletter

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How we spent June @ TGS

Scribbled Notes on the Silly Season in KL

Message from the Director

This month finds me scribbling notes for the newsletter as we are smack back in the middle of the “silly season”, with our interns having arrived two weeks ago, a Volunteer program in Da Nang, Vietnam half way through, and a number of programs beginning this weekend! Add to the mix a long Hari Raya weekend to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan, and it’s all hands on deck.

This year we have the largest number of interns in town mid-year, with students from University of Canberra  and Charles Sturt through our partner CIS Australia, and groups from Latrobe and Swinburne. The students have settled really well, and will provide good support for those arriving this weekend from Macquarie. Following the recent long weekend, they will enjoy two networking events this week, one a special presentation by the Cuban Ambassador to Malaysia with other international interns at one of our host companies, and the other a networking evening with the Malaysia Australia Business Council at the Australian High Commission. Students are interning at a diversity of companies and NGO’s across KL in disciplines such as law, human rights, international business, accounting, finance, marketing, and communications.

This weekend we again welcome pre-service teachers from Monash and Latrobe into the Global Education Practicum, RMIT undertaking their Criminal Justice program, and Macquarie PACE students going to the NGO PACOS in Sabah, where they will work on projects around native land title.

We are also working frantically behind the scenes on a relaunch of our website (don’t ask) and the development of new programs requiring a visit to Vietnam. So forgive me if my emails are delayed while we get through the next week, as we work hard towards providing amazing experiences for these students.


Volunteer Vietnam

Currently we have students completing their placement in Da Nang at The Greenhouse, the location of Volunteer Vietnam. Founded in 2004 it has looked after over 500 people, ranging from disabled orphan children to the homeless elderly and those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The student’s assist with the provision of occupational therapy programs for the elderly and disabled orphans at the Da Nang Social Support Centre, teaching basic English to school children, and providing education and stimulating exercise to the babies at the RED Cross babies home.

The program is open to students from any field, however the experience is most valued by those in the education, social work and health sciences field.

  When not at work, the students have been making the most of the local beaches and exploring Vietnam’s dynamic history through heritage sites such as Hoi an and Hue.

Malaysian Team Internship – Penang

The latest round of the Team Internship is underway in Penang with Deakin students. The students work in multi-disciplinary teams of four in a company, working to solve a business problem or complete a project provided by, and of value to, the host. For many students, it is the first opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a real life consulting team, which they often find challenging, but very rewarding. Projects this round include designing a social media identity and digital marketing strategy; stakeholder survey and report; develop and market a t-shirt design contest and marketing strategy for winner; and market research and analysis of demographics for arts space. All this and much more fun in the UNESCO World Heritage space of Georgetown!

An update from our Intern Grace

When I began my internship at The Global Student, I was feeling quite lost as I had just dropped out of university and I had no real idea of what I would focus on in my life next. My expectations for the internship were that I would be meeting many people with contrasting views of the world, who were in all sorts of interesting professions and studying different university courses. Now, more than half way through my internship, I have been so fortunate to meet many of Jan’s successful business contacts and passionate business partners which has been an incredible learning experience and very inspiring. Every event I go to I now want to take a pen and paper! Meeting driven university students who are interning in KL and close to taking the next step from university studies to entering the workforce has also given me a well-rounded view of the process of putting knowledge into practice. By the end of my Internship I hope to have some idea of what kind of career I would like to work towards in the future, and I am confident that I am on my way there. I have begun exploring different career paths – realising that university is not the only viable option has been a huge relief. I have also become aware of the importance of networking and building strong connections with people who offer their support to you, a valuable lesson that I am extremely grateful to have learnt as I don’t think there are many ways to see this up close in Australia. This week I met Cuba’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Ibete Fernandez Hernandez and I will also be attending a Malaysia Australia Business Council AGM. Before coming here, I would never even have thought about how interesting events like these could be and how valuable the information and experiences gained could be. So far, my internship has been amazing and I am certain that it will only get better from here on, I am excited to see what the next few weeks hold. 

John Monash Scholarship

If you are an Australian citizen, have completed or are nearing completion of an undergraduate degree at an Australian university and are planning to undertake postgraduate study at an overseas university commencing in the calendar year following the year of application and selection, you are eligible to apply for a John Monash Scholarship. Applications close August 1.

2017 Conferences

  • EAIE September 12-15 Seville, Spain
  • Changing Places Prato September 14&15
  • AIEC- October 10-13- Hobart, Australia (right)
  • QS Summer School Summit December 10-12 Johannesburg, South Africa
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