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February 2017

Message from the Director

February is when we complete our programs for the year and tidy up the loose ends before hitting the ground running in March with preparation for the new year’s programs. We also managed a lovely week’s holiday in the south of Thailand, but now it is straight back into trying to get through all the emails and complete the itinerary for the trip to Australia. The first ten days will be downtime catching up with family followed by two weeks of meetings and catch-ups.

February 11 also marked the ten year anniversary since I arrived in KL to take up the position of Regional Director for the University of Melbourne. At the end of that contract after 3.5 years, I had made a life here and was reluctant to return to the cold Melbourne winters, so I developed the consultancy where I assisted universities with marketing and recruitment in addition to training some of the staff new to the region. One of my first projects was for Australian Education International who were trying to encourage universities to consider Malaysia for international internships, which was way ahead of either Asiabound or New Colombo Plan. My first volunteer program was for Deakin who had some surplus funds from developing their Global Citizens program, which we put to good use by sending a group of young women to Sabah to build a learning centre in a Lotud village outside of Kota Kinabalu. Since then business has expanded to include study tours, internships for groups and individuals, and volunteer programs in Cambodia and Vietnam. We are also on to our third website, have four full time staff  and a part –timer, and regularly host Australian interns.

The ten years has gone by in the blink of an eye, and it is thanks to the generosity of many people in terms of time, knowledge sharing and mentoring, that The Global Student has emerged as one of the preferred third party providers for many universities. Huge thanks to those who took a leap of faith in allowing us to provide these experiences for their students, and for providing feedback and support to allow us to improve services and programs. Looking forward to an even more productive 2017!


Global Education Practicum 2017

Our latest round of 44 pre-service teachers from VU, Latrobe, Monash and Deakin have recently departed after the 2017 Summer GEP. The students were placed in local schools, working with other aspiring teachers from outside of their own institute. Students are also given a student from outside of their home universities as a room-mate to enable greater peer learning through expression of ideas and philosophies, and sharing different models of teacher training and pedagogical understandings. Participants report favorably on the program which not only provides the experience of learning and teaching in an intercultural setting, but allows them to pick up new ideas, as well as increasing networks prior to the job search. The Malaysian Ministry of Education values the program and its benefits to Malaysian school children, and has plans to expand the program to East Malaysia.

Introducing – Natasha Brand

It’s the relationship that matters for Natasha. She just loves meeting people from all walks of life. She believes that people come together for a reason. Coming from the island of Borneo and a long service in hospitality, her super-friendly disposition and confidence shine through on the rainiest days.

As Internship Coordinator, she’s the bridge that connects the interns and the host. For her, it’s all about making your experience worthwhile! When she’s not on the job, she likes to go for her yoga, watch soppy romantic and dramatic movies, listen to her playlist, try her best to read the books she buys but her most favourite thing to do is to spend time and hang out with her favourite people.

Intern of the Month- Rhys Driver

This month we say goodbye to Rhys Driver from the University of SA after his individual internship in KL at HR firm Sheffield Executive.

Rhys made the most of his time in KL in both a professional and social capacity, and was warmly welcomed and included by the La Trobe Accounting and Swinburne business Interns.

“I was quite nervous at first, especially once I landed as it didn’t really hit me that I was leaving until I landed in KL and got to my apartment on the first night.

After a good sleep, things were looking much better! The Australian boys who I were staying with were undertaking a very similar program at a different company and therefore were experiencing similar feelings than I was, therefore we were able to support each other through everything.

I was a little sceptical at first of how hard it would be to communicate to people in Malaysia, but it was quite easy, most people I met spoke fluent or very good English. There is so much to do in KL, including my favourite; SkyTrex, a jungle adventure and the Heli Bar/Lounge, a 34-story high bar on an old helicopter pad.

Before I knew it, I was saying my good byes, with my brain full of new knowledge, new friends from Australia and Malaysia and memories which I will cherish for a life time.
My advice for anyone considering the trip is simply; forget about the money, the experience you gain is invaluable and will be worth every cent once you are back!”

New Partner- SCOPE Global

TGS is pleased to announce its new partner, Scope Global based in Adelaide. Together with Scope, TGS will deliver programs under the Macquarie University PACE program in 2017. We were very pleased to host Allison Wells from Scope and Irma Knuistingh-Neven from Macquarie for our first scoping visit for 2017. The group visited a range of internship hosts across multiple disciplines and program models, and saw the kinds of accommodation on offer, while getting to know KL and enjoying our delicious Malaysian food!

NCP Applications open March 20

Are you ready? Did you know that consortia bids will be viewed favorably, as well as programs that seek funding for multiple years? Do you need any last minute advice? Feel free to email Jan jmdrew@theglobalstudent.net to discuss and obtain a written proposal that you can use in your bid. 



Coffee with Jan!

I will be in Australia in the second half of March for meetings

Sydney- March 16 & 17
Brisbane- March 20
Geelong – March 22
Melbourne – March 23, 24 and 28
Burwood – March 27

Click on the coffee below, fill in the form and we will get back to you ASAP to arrange a time



2017 Conferences

APAIE- March 20-23- Kaohsiung, Taiwan
NAFSA- May 28-June 2- Los Angeles, USA
Global Internships Conference
June 13-16- Santiago, Chile (Pictured)
EAIE September 12-15- Seville, Spain
AIEC- October 10-13- Hobart, Australia
QS Summer School Summit ​​​​​​​December 6-7 – Johannesburg, South Africa
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