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Are you prepared to take your place in the Asian Century? Join other equally motivated and enthusiastic students on the global learning experience that will help shape your future! The Global Student provides access to carefully selected host companies and not-for-profits across a range of industries within SE Asia. Enjoy peace of mind with advice on accommodation, logistics and local culture through our pre-departure and orientation programs.

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4 Reasons To Become A Global Student

Passionate About Our Work

At The Global Student we are passionate about providing an exciting and life-changing experience! We understand the need for universities to ensure a genuine academic experience combined with a cultural immersion, in a safe environment. We are looking for motivated students who are up for an adventure, keen to try new things, meet new people and ultimately, gain a competitive advantage in the job market!

Multicultural Understanding

We recognise that different cultures work in different ways, and expectations are often different across cultures. It’s also difficult to know who to trust and it can be costly and time consuming to develop your own program. At the Global Student we have the cultural skills, relationships and experience to provide clear communication across borders and ensure a valid outcome for all involved. We take the guesswork out of finding a host for an individual and endure all the headaches for you while developing your project or study tour!

Adaptable and Innovative

The Global Student recognises that not everyone is ready for an individual placement as a volunteer or intern, or might not have the time to complete one. So we also work with universities to develop group programs for short term project-based internships in host companies, volunteer projects in remote villages and study tours or field trips that supplement the students’ academic program. Through our extensive networks in SE Asia we are able to customise programs to meet the requirements of faculties or schools, and to identify suitable partners for reliable program delivery.

Strategically Positioned

As The Global Student is located centrally in the SE Asian transport hub of Kuala Lumpur, we are well placed to visit potential project sites and hosts organisations across the region, which allows us to minimise risk and keep the costs down! Currently we have programs In Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia with Vietnam, Thailand and Timor Leste on the way. If you don’t see what you want on our site, please ask!

Where Would You Like to Go?

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*We are currently developing partnerships in Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines. If you don’t see a program listed for the destination of your choice, drop us a line anyway.

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Global Education Practicum July 2014

Global Education Practicum July 2014

Welcoming 20 Law and Business Undergrads from Deakin

Welcoming 20 Law and Business Undergrads from Deakin

MABC Internship farewell

MABC Internship farewell

Swinburne TAFE volunteer building project in Cambodia

Swinburne TAFE volunteer building project in Cambodia

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What People Say About Us

I have worked with Jan at the University of Melbourne since 2007. Jan is fantastic to work with and since she has worked in Malaysia and Singapore she has developed an in-depth knowledge of both markets and has assisted the Faculty of Business and Economics many time with key recommendations for future activities. July 24, 2010
Fiona AbudFiona AbudDevelopment ManagerUniversity of Melbourne (colleague)
Doing an internship in Malaysia has given me a great deal of insight as to working overseas and civil engineering in general. I never expected to gain as much as I did, expecting only to be used as a foot-soldier to boost corporate revenue levels, I was shocked that my superiors had a genuine interest in teaching me the basics of engineering such as thought processes and actually going out of there way to make sure I was developing as a employable individual in the field civil engineering when they had no obligation to do so. Working in a diverse multicultural environment was also a positive as it gave new perspective and enlightened me about culture and subsequent integration at the professional level. Having the opportunity to do an internship in Malaysia is recommendable to everyone and will no doubt make you a individual with a broader skill set. I was taught AutoCAD and how to write a technical report, I was also tutored by the Managing Director as to typical engineer thought processes. I was involved in the largest CIPP size project in Malaysia/Singapore and single handily wrote a ~5cm thick technical report which my boss allowed me to make a copy and present it to future employers. Summer 2011-12
Marvin ChanMasters of EngineeringUniversity of Melbourne

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